Our Energy Saving system is made specifically to cut down general consumptions and costs on the ship. Once applied to the ventilation, the air conditioning and the seawater cooling systems, Energy Saving optimizes their operations, resulting in less emissions and more cost savings.

Non-stop consumptions control

Energy Saving acts constantly on consumptions not tied to the propeller system, to grant an extreme cut-down on wastes.

Heavy customization

In order to obtain maximum results we focus on our customers' requests, so we can adapt Energy Saving to each necesity. This way, no waste is saved. Only money.

Guaranteed savings

It's our priority to grant the customer a precise picture of the savings he will get once running the system. Compared to the average life of a ship, the costs of Energy Saving itself will be easily recovered after some years.

For a better world

Ships' emissions all around the world are a risk for our future. In the grand scheme of things Energy Saving may seem like a little help, yet we feel like together with our customers we could make a difference.

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