Our naval torque meter "Consmeter" is one of our most beloved products. It's formed by a double ring structure directly tied to the shaft, with high precision strain gauge technology made to calculate the three most important values: revolutions per minute, torque and power.


The system is compatible with standard protocols like NMEA, Modbus and 4-20 mA. The transmission of the data can be done via Ethernet, for a user friendly interface on any PC.

Torque measurement via strain gauge

In order to obtain maximum precision, our torque meter uses the strain gague technology, perfect tool to observe distortion.

Compatible with widespread standards

Consmeter supports comunications via Modbus RTU, NMEA, RS485, RS232 and Ethernet. 4-20 mA analogue signals are also supported.

Data observable on any PC

All the values can be seen real-time from any PC, and all the data will be stored in the Log file. For unmatched comfort and flexibility.

Perfect for our PEM Survery system

For optimal and additional calculations, Consmeter can be combined both with our PEM Survery System and other existing systems.

For additional details check our PDF or contact us directly.